Eye of Poseidon

Eye of Poseidon
Built3 Bloom 1810

The Eye of Poseidon is a massive whirlpool near the southern end of Kreroush bay. This whirlpool was created by Poseidon as a counter the expanding landmass of Karnegmoth's Brownlands. Poseidon, a Higher Power was censured for this meddling in mortal affairs. The Balance made it so that Poseidon could not gain any more divine power for a period of twelve years.

The Eye of Poseidon is twenty miles in diameter and of such strength as to suck the shorelines into it - thereby keeping the mud and earth of the Brownlands from filling in the Kreroush bay. At the bottom of this whirlpool, one mile down, is an intra-system rift that sucks things through it and empties them far out in the deep sea waters of Mephigax.