RegionNorthern Hordelands

For two centuries, Jadvild was home to the Sig-Lorm of Hinnbjalf. In 1642, city and valley were enveloped in the fires of Mount Traeulf. The northern part of this valley became a volcanic wasteland. Still active, the valley is often shaken by tremors and earthquakes. The lava fields north of Hinnbjalf are prone to sudden exploding fissures, blasts of steam and gas, and the rise and fall of mud volcanoes up to a mile across.

The denizens of this valley are peoples of the distant world Muspelheim, fiery types like Salamanders, Fire Giants, and the Fyrreid. They sometimes come to this world in the eruptions, pulled through to an island surrounded by alien landscape to them, and one often too cold to their liking. They are largely contained to this valley and the volcano. Those that decide to leave, typically head to Agulbandal; a similar volcanic valley to the east, but far larger and more metropolitan.

Notable Areas