Treaty of Droorlow

SignersBa'lith, Torgilm Confederacy
Signed15 War March 1672

Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc, the one behind the forging of this treaty, was trained in negotiating and political strategies by a mastermind of such things. Asmodeus, the one behind Rax's decades of training, was the one behind the treaty's conception. He knew that Ba'lith's warmongering minotaurs would see it as weak. The leaders of the Torgilm Confederacy would be happy for a peace, but on the concession that they give Ba'lith some of their secret weapons. Nonetheless, Asmodeus and his mortal champion were pretty confidant they could bring the two parties to the table. They had more than just a document. Raxcvillibus worked both sides in secret. As a veteran of Ba'lith, renown in fact, his winning over the military types was easy. The run-up to this treaty was also long in the making. Immortals both, Asmodeus and Rax had all the time they wanted to plan. Over three decades, agents worked to place their people in important positions in both governments.

On 15 War March 1672, the minotaurs of Azrik's south, those of Ba'lith and those of the north forged the Treaty of Droorlow. This document clearly defined the territories of the respective empires. In return for Ba'lith giving up lands won by conquest, the Torgilm Confederacy helped their former foes in the construction of the Sonic Horns.

Many knew this was only buying them time. Some hoped that these destructive sound towers would stabilize southern Azrik, allowing Ba'lith to recover lands lost to the Hive Swarms and hopefully they would push south instead of once again turning north.

As part of the treaty's land deal, Ba'lith claimed all territory south of Lake Droorlow along with the great fortress Marmarath. Except for this fortress, Ba'lith gave up everything they had forcibly annexed over the last century from their peace-minded neighbors.

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