Erchinor, after the Chaos War
Founded27 Brightstar 913

Erchinor is sited on a hilly prominence overlooking Eämbavië. The settlement was founded by House Glorfindel and her allies (Gilraen exiles). After their defeat in the Ithendelt Schism, they were exiled to the eastern shores of the Core Sea. They lived in relative peace and prospered in their new home. The major threats for them were the pirates of the Core Sea and giant raiders coming down from Steirgar.

In 1420, the Khazarkar Empire began encroaching on the territory of the Gilraens. A year later, after a very short war, Gilraen was subjugated, becoming a vassal state. Oddly enough, under Khazarkar oversight, Erchinor prospered even more than when it was a free empire. The only thing they had to give up was their religion. The reluctance of some to forsake Arcana, resulted in their banishment, imprisonment, execution or they became rebel elements that still to this day wage an insurgency along the Salbâth valley. A place that before the Khazarkar's renamed it, was called Teretellin. Known for their long history of studying and worshiping a god of magic, some went north and then down into the Underdark where they joined up with Eldritch Concalve at Malardân.

Erchinor was the capital of Gilraen. On 14 Lunar 1830, Erchinor, before the Cinazan Front, a city of 45,000 inhabitants, was sacked by the Flux Pact. Like the other cities ravaged by the 1st Horde of Chaos, the ruins of Erchinor are twisted, discolored, distorted and infused with the energy of Chaos; it became a chaos ruin. Some streets that once ran straight, are twisted and stop at the crumbled wall of a building, or end in a pool of smoking rainbow colored ooze. Piles of rubble and even parts of buildings float at various heights over the area. Jets of fire erupt from nowhere and then vanish, storm clouds roll across the area, with the rain going in all directions, or funnel clouds dance about the ruins spraying debris at anything moving, as if they themselves are air archons. There are numerous fell taints prowling these ruins. At night, bands of grell come up from Faeglor and roam the desolate area.

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