Poseidon Istishia

CategoryHigher Powers
WorldCresting Spires
RaceSea Titan (Primordial)
Sentient Creationist1301 DE - ??
Alignmentchaotic neutral
DomainAir, Cold, Ocean, Water, Weather
EnemiesLokestant, Talos, Tempestant
Born27 Brightstar 56 DE

Poseidon, the Sea Titan, or Istishia to some, is a primordial. He is the son of Chronos and Rhea. One legend has it that Chronos swallowed Poseidon and his eleven brother and sister titans. It is said Chronos did this from a premonition they would depose him. Somehow the sons and daughters escaped, and eventually Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon slew their father.

Before the start of the Creation War (1486 DE), Poseidon had the powers of a Tier 3 Creationist. Given these powers by Bruh Kreniik, Poseidon created the first Merfolk (1340 DE) and titans more at home in the seas than on land.

Based on what happened at Graer and other places, Poseidon seems to have not been well-liked by his underlings. It is said he was jealous of the up and coming primordial lords; Thjorygg and Surtur showed their hand with their poor efforts in stopping the Graer breach.

In the last years of the Creation War, the primordials were beginning to fall back to Chaos. Poseidon hid in the deepest seas of Bal-Kriav and was so adept at hiding himself that the gods and their angels were unable to find him. When the worlds were given up to the mortals, Poseidon and some others of his ilk remained in the mortal realm. It is unknown whether Poseidon resides on Bal-Kriav, or just sometimes makes an appearance.

Some of the largest worshipers of Poseidon are in the seas and oceans. Merfolk are one of the largest racial groups that pray to him. When the merfolk of Buccaneer Archipelago were beset by the Durkoth, Poseidon took matters into his own hands, defying the Mandate of the Heavens, he personally interfered in mortal affairs. The Sea Titan splintered the island of Ghol Markúl with a hundred sonic blasts. Poseidon is claimed to have said of the Sundering of Ghol Markúl (1003 HE):

It was not I who destroyed Ghol Markúl, but the fury of a 100 whales. The heathens of the island, godless cretins, were an enemy of the seas and its creatures, taking more bounty than they could use, and enslaving the peoples around them, so the whales returned the area to a time before the Durkoth, and restored some balance to your realm.

- Poseidon, at the Oceanus Court of Arcadia - "Harmonius Division vs. Poseidon"

Late in the Horgon Era, in what became known as the Sinking of Hleirim (4 Witchrite 1890 HE), Poseidon again ignored the Mandate of the Heavens. He sunk part of the Arskels in anger at the loss of temples to lackeys of Talos. This resulted in the sinking and destruction of the storm giant city Hleirim and the creation of the bay Klo'nah Lomok.

In the Sea Devil War (1315 - 1317), the wrath of Poseidon was felt by the people of Paradomea City. As a result of them destroying Limac-Nîr and thousands of Poseidon worshipers, the Sea Titan produced a massive tidal wave that killed tens of thousands of Paradomeans.

One of his most well-known children is Triton, son of Poseidon and another primordial named Amphitrite. Triton's offspring from his thousand member merfolk harem led to the creation of the first tritons. Today, many tritons worship Poseidon which is strange considering that in the Creation War, many fought against him.

Poseidon often flaunts the divine rules of The Balance with him having aided mortals more than any other god. He is patron deity to both land and aquatic creatures. He is frequently called upon for fair weather and safe sea passage. As a primordial, Poseidon is still viewed with suspicion by those Higher Powers still around from the Creation War.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Ivory Asylum
League of Gyalech
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Master of Water all water spells are maximized, silent, and extended
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks