Dras'ee's War

Period1517 - 1519
BelligerentsLenassu Dras'ee and the Hive Army
Khazarkar Empire

The desire of Lenassu Dras'ee to force a monarchy government on the Khazarkar Empire brought about the civil war named after her. Although they did not officially support her, some families of the Minâth-Nôrî secretly supported her war, and most hoped she would succeed.

Dras'ee's main force was the Hive Army, with Thri-kreen soldiers out of Kalaran and some from the Sands of Hell. They were led by Crick, an Auhtai that had long served Drase'ee as a Minath Protector. The most notable mercenary units under Dras'ee were two Ved'ogiim legions sent over from the Orchish Empire; this involvement in Khazarkar internal affairs soon led to another front, the Second Ugradrath War (1517 - 1523).

Lenassu failed to bring down the Khazarkar Empire's theocratic government. Her dream of ruling was in her words, postponed. In 1519, Lenassu Dras'ee and Crick were captured by the Târush-Ginâth. Imprisoned in the Baying Cells for six months, they awaited their sentencing. The Pharzîmrâth ordered that they be exiled to the moon Deaths Kindle for a period of three hundred years.

Many centuries after this conflict, Mammonlok, a reporter from the news agency Paradomea Times, interviewed Lenassu. He learned that the Council of Nine were behind her attempt to usurp rule in the Khazarkar Empire. In return for starting the war, she was given the means to give up her mortal body and become a lich. Lenassu claims that the masters of Paradomea sought to install a more economic-minded government in the Khazarkar Empire. The Council of Nine believed that the Minâth-Nôrî were better suited for governing a money-oriented state rather than the current hard-line religious body called the Pharzîmrâth.

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