This large island is located at the juncture of the oceans Mephigax and Nielalroch. It is named after the goddess of magic Arcana.

The Isle of Arcana abounds with legends of untold riches and ancient magic. Most of this magic is said to be in the deep labyrinths of the island's Lith-Crillion ruins. There is truth in these stories because in the Creation War, Arcana oversaw operations on this island. Arcana, then but an archangel, had bastions built inside the Gulvar Reif mountains and therein her angelic enchanters made magic armaments for the armies of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Near the end of the God Era, the Lith-Crillion learned of Arcana's secret vaults. In 1 LE, of an era that came to be named after them, they came looking for these forgotten relics. Instead of returning to the Crillion Comet on the next passing, they stayed on this island. They expanded outward from Arcana, sending research teams across the world, and some would say getting too involved with those they were supposed to be studying.

Late in the Lith-Crillion Era, the magic-rich settlements of the Lith-Crillion fell to Thraedli raiders; the Thraedli are often considered an even greater collector of magic and ancient lore than the Lith-Crillion.

Arcana is a difficult island to reach by boat. It has dangerous reefs that were once cultivated in the Creation War to deter primordial amphibious attacks. There is the danger of magical waterspouts, unpredictable weather conditions and a permanent curtain of fog three miles off the coasts. Beyond these are living dreadnoughts of the sea, like whales, sea giants, and squids which are generally hostile to anything approaching the island or lingering about too long. Beyond this curtain of beast and hazardous seas is a wild mystical island with its own hazards. The most dangerous of these potential foes are cyclops, storm giants, rocs, Thraedli plunderers, and a colony of titans.

Cities of Arcana
City 1FoundedElevation
Mîmig-Khâla369 HE5200'