T â r u k   H i d a r

AliasSteel Tusk
Built9 Temporal 1509

Târuk Hidar, words of the Langurâpha language, translates to Târuk Hidar. It was named for the ores coming out of Gorejun interior. Financed by the Tâchpachâr Empire, it rose quickly, becoming a fortified town for those moving steel out of the Sava'khar Wastes and then onto ships for domestic ports of Ivory Asylum and distant foreign ports.

For five decades, this settlement was under the oversight of the Nibar Mâru; a department of governments specialized in colonization and procuring resources. In 1558, the town was all but flattened by the Flexing Behemoth - a construct of gargantuan proportions. All those that resisted were crushed, even the boats were forced out to sea. Re-settlement efforts were never made, the Tusken Council writing off what had long been unprofitable outpost serving special interests.

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Ivory Asylum
Târuk Hidar