Chariot War

Period1826 - Current
Khazarkar Empire
VS Toomoneth Alliance

In 1824, the Khazarkar Empire found information on the possible location of Set's Black Chariot. A year later, the Khazarkar Empire had transported 2,000 soldiers to the shores of a remote island called Toomoneth. This is considered a marvelous trek, since the ships came from the great seaport of Aphalê, sailed up the Core Sea and then west across Nautrek, past the hazardous Damnation Point on the journey through the southeastern tip of Edhelviel, then crossed Nielalroch and into the Mephigax; a distance of over 10,000 miles. The Khazarkars surprised the city Valdirinwë with a naval and aerial attack. A thick mist covered the sea landings, while their void navy lurked behind thick clouds. The attack began with soldiers hitting the beach. The rowing of their craft was entirely covered in silencing magic. Evicerator golems and platoons of maugs led the assault on the elven city. Then, three Pyramids of Set descended from the thick clouds and landed in the city. They disembarked nearly three hundred undead in the heart of Neenshuwave. Many of these foul creatures were spellstiched, and a few were powerful undead warriors and mages. After three days of siege, the city fell to Khazarkar forces.

The Aha'sase joined with Valdirinwë, but could do little to help with their forces engaged with the Inge'rya. This sahuagin empire was on the Khazarkars side, with Emperor Carthiz, of Inge'rya, claiming to know the location of the Black Chariot.

The goal of the Khazarkars seems to be finding and securing the Black Chariot. They attacked the denizens of Toomoneth to secure a port and supply depot for their soldiers. It is also thought that they will not leave the island once they have found their god-crafted marvel. The Khazarkar Empire will probably colonize the island and spread their influence outside of the continent of Brucrumus.

Pirate attacks on Khazarkar merchant ships and naval forces of the Balnâth increased after the Year 1828. Some reports say that these vessels were mercenaries of the Ivory Asylum. The Tusken Council disputed these claims as nothing more than warmongering by the Khazarkar Empire.

"Ivory Asylum does not want Khazarkars in the waters of the Mephigax. The Ivory Asylum, with a population one-tenth of the Khazarkar Empire, realizes that they can probably defeat the small force of Khazarkars at Toomoneth. But in time, the Khazarkars will mobilize their massive armies and resources, probably form an alliance with the Ba'lith, and ultimately cause serious harm to Ivory Asylum's economy and potentially result in the loss of some colonies."

- Klayn Areshammer, Knight-Marshall of the Council of Bile, "speaking at the Realm Affairs Meeting, Year 1828"