Chariot War

Period1826 - Current
Khazarkar Empire
VS Toomoneth Alliance

In 1824, the Khazarkar Empire found information on the possible location of Set's Black Chariot. A year later, they had transported 2,000 soldiers to the shores of a remote island called Toomoneth. This is considered a marvelous trek, since the ships came from the great seaport of Aphalê, sailed up the Core Sea and then west across Nautrek, past the hazardous Damnation Point on the journey through the southeastern tip of Edhelviel, then crossed Nielalroch and into the Mephigax; a distance of over 10,000 miles.

In 1826, the Khazarkars besieged the city of Valdirinwë. Thick mist covered the sea landings, their void navy lurked in the clouds. Their rowing masked in magical silence, the attack began with soldiers hitting the beach. Evicerator golems and Maug platoons led the assault. Three Pyramids of Set descended from the thick clouds, landing in the city. They disembarked nearly three hundred spellstiched undead. Three days later, the city fell to the Khazarkar.

Two months later, the Toomoneth Alliance was forged between the freedom fighters of Valdirinwë and the Triton of Aha'sase. Valdirinwë was retaken a year later. The Inge'rya, sitting on the sidelines, agreed to be part of whatever spoils came from the war, joining the Khazarkar Empire in their quest to find the Black Chariot, and hopefully ridding them of a neighbor or two along the way.