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Built by the Lith-Crillion, Felth was a port city on Arcana's eastern coast. Twenty percent of the ruined city, those closest to the sea are wholly or partially submerged. These sub-sea buildings are in good condition, their magical wards still resisting the tidal forces and currents of where two seas meet; the Nielalroch Sea to the north, and the Mephigax to the south. The joining of these seas creates dangerous currents and eddies, and sometimes unpredictable weather. The Lith-Crillion built Felth in this dangerous area to study this phenomenon. They built an undersea harbor and one on the surface, with buildings built out into the surf and even deeper. All of this was part of Felth's engineering division, studying waves, currents, but most importantly the water energy that abounds in the area where two angry seas meet. Though not keen on religious matters, they conceded that the excess water energy was a product of divine rivalries, those of Poseison's children of the Mephigax and those of the Nielalroch beholden to Sathel. Leading the effort for the latter was and still is the Triton empire of Caradruk. On the other hand, those of Poseison have changed many times since the time the Lith-Crillion. Caradruk's historians say the Lith-Crillion stayed out of the conflicts around them.

They were hard-core scientists, acting as if they were far beyond everyone else, we just factors in their high-minded studies.

- Fandë, 2nd Order Caradruk Loremaster, on the Age of the Lith-Crillion - "Among Mere Mortals"

At 1000' from the ruin's coastal edge, begins a great sea canyon stretching east into Nielalroch. In this area at a depth of 300' is the beginning of a channel cutting under Arcana Isle. This channel, carved by magic, passes by Felth's underground harbor, then onward to the island's other Lith-Crillion ruins. In distant times, when the island was the home of the world's first Lith-Crillion, this channel was the primary method of getting quickly and safely to each of the island's holdings.

The most notable places of Felth are the Bell Tower of Arcana and buildings affected by Time Fractures.

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