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The ancient Lith-Crillion city of Felth is sited on the southeastern coasts of Arcana. It is evident on approach of this ruined city, that some of its building, particularly near the seaport, are wholly or partially submerged. These sub-sea buildings are in fair condition; resisting the tidal forces and currents of the Mephigax and its often unpredictable weather.

Archaeologists said that the Fleth was built at a time when the sea levels were much lower, probably by 100'. There appears to have been no earthquakes or other geological events that could have led to the sinking of Felth's seaport.

The most notable places of Felth are the Bell Tower of Arcana and buildings affected by Time Fractures. Beneath the ruins are extensive catacombs and an Underdark river channel that goes deep into the interior of Arcana. When Zhuts Explorers came to these ruins, they found a cell of Ryldorvir.

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