Third Sorrow Pass War

Battle of Sorrow Pass
Period1660 - 1662
TheaterHells Womb
Orchish Empire VS Gwaeldior Pact

The death knight Monty the Mad is crowned Arch-Dragern of the Armies. His first act in the new command was to unite the northern, southern, eastern, and western military district army groups into one great army. As a test of his leadership, Monty sent this massive army south into Hells Womb, testing their meddle against the Tragaran empire Council of Bile. The Gwaeldior Pact was formed to halt the territorial expansion of the Orchish Empire into Hells Womb. The alliance of Paradomea, Celebriän, and the Council of Bile battled the forces of the Orchish Empire in the Sorrow Pass.

Paradomea's Treza-Râth, the heavily armored illriggers and knights of the Council of Bile, and Celebriän archers drove the orcs back into the Sorrow Pass. The dead were in such numbers that vultures, hyenas, undead, and other scavengers fed for weeks on the bloating corpses. The smell of the carrion and roving beasts prevented many of those slain, valiant and brave warriors, from ever seeing a proper burial. The most dangerous undead to arrive in the battlefields were the famine spirits. These obscenely obese humanoids devoured countless corpses, and in their wakes followed hundreds of ghouls and ghasts. These undead terrors came from the direction of Raefknar, let loose from Jagg's dismal dungeons. This ancient fiend denied any wrong-doing in the affair, claiming that he was helping clean up the area and helping rid Sorrow Pass of its terrible odors. Many dragons were sent into the area from the Council of Bile to put an end to the undead, as their numbers grew more dangerous with each passing week. The dragons breathed fire and lightning on the creatures for many days, but the famine spirits, somewhat intelligent and cunning, used their ethereal jaunt ability to escape many of these fly-by attacks. After several months, the undead were either destroyed or wandered off into the mountains, thereby freeing up Sorrow Pass for safe passage, if there is such a thing in this dangerous area. The political outcome of the battle was the SMD, the Orchish Empire's Southern Military District, was crippled and humiliated by this defeat. The other Armies of the Orchish Empire viewed the defeat as a stain on their battle prowess. The High Command gave the order to "re-order" the battered remains of the Southern Military District, dividing its lands, castles and spoils between the remaining districts. This decree was contested by the SMD, resulted in the First Orchish Civil War.