Ownerindependent city-state
Founded25 Hollow 771

Fermin was built as a stronghold to keep Underdark plunderers and monsters from entering the Laughing Hairfoot mines. In the deeper reaches, the halfling owners learned that Underdark races were better suited for mining. This is because the Laughing Hairfoot mines cover a vast area, with the surface some fifteen miles from Fermin. Many miners from the surface refused to work at such depths and distance from the sky. The Underdark races from Mulun-Dûna and other Underdark settlements were hired to work in the lower half of the mines. In time, Fermin grew to be a citadel. When the Khazarkar Empire claimed Gholompotl, they began policing and securing areas along the trade routes through Erochel. As a result of the security and trade with the surface, Fermin expanded beyond the boundaries of the old citadel and became more like a town than stronghold.

The current owners of Fermin are the Shinszelmoggits. This wealthy Svirfneblin family acquired the town when they purchased Laughing Hairfoot from the Urkuzîrs.

Fermin's largest Underdark trading partner is Mulun-Dûna. Goods from Fermin also make their way up the passages going through the mines and then to the surface. On the surface, Fermin has trade with Barun-Mitân and Nirzanâth. Instead of going overland, some trade goes north to Gholompotl and then up into the streets of Nirzanâth.

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