Second Orchish Civil War

BelligerentsOrchish Empire

The Second Orchish Civil War was a product of the Chaos War. At the Battle of Surkiln, the reigning emperor of the Orchish Empire was killed. The death of Emperor Blac'drugulois created a power vacuum since there was no plan for succession. Upon his death, Monty the Mad proclaimed himself the new Emperor of the Orchish Empire. Monty's proclamation soon became contested with orc generals, an iron dragon general, and several beholders of the Court of One Hundred Eyes seeking to make themselves the supreme ruler. The civil war that ensued lasted several months, with all the supplicants save Monty, perishing on the field of battle. During this brief internal strife, the invaders attacking the southern and western borders in the Grashakh Front were brought to a standstill when nearly the entire populace of the Orchish Empire, including slaves, were mobilized for national defense. This arming of slaves resulted in some slave rebellions which were crushed in typical draconian fashion. In some cases, slaves proved their battle prowess on the battlefield and became soldiers of the Orchish Empire.