Created7 Witchrite 1832

In the Chaos War, mountains along the southeastern edge of Kerthjorg were ripped from their base, floating upwards where they remain to this day, nearly one mile off the ground. Beneath these floating mountains are their bases, now massive plateaus. The floating mountains are often masked with thick clouds, but on a clear day this spectacular sight is testament of the enormous amount of energy contained within just one Entropy Arch.

On the night of 7 Witchrite 1832, the Pillar of Horns arrived over the besieged Khazarkar city Sapthiladân. This Ba'lith battleship, captained by Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc, dropped an Entropy Arch into the city. The Pillar then left.

Entropy fanatics, waiting in buildings around the Entropy Arch, ran out to open it. One made it through, jumping into it. This fool's sacrifice opened a rift to Chaos. The opening unleashed destruction upon the city and then beyond. A shock wave of chaotic energies gushed out of the Entropy Arch, flattening dozens of structures and two hundred feet of Sapthiladân's northern wall. The blast wave continued into the Kerthjorg highlands where it ripped mountains from their bases, leaving them floating a mile above the ground like sky islands.

- Galathrel, Entry 4B: 7 Witchrite 1832, Pillar of Horns - "Origin of Skyldr-Kerthjorg"