First Ogre War

Period1505 - 1511
BelligerentsOrchish Empire
city-states of Dumugon, Khatúlg

For hundreds of years, the Toomrur and other humanoids of eastern Grashakh had lived in conflict with the Orchish Empire.

The Orchish Empire waged this war to capture the Toomrur city-states of Dumugon and Khatúlg. The remote location of this area, rugged terrain and unexpected strength of the Toomrur hordes made this an unexpectedly difficult war for the Fograth. In the first year of the war, the city of Dumugon fell to the invaders.

During the war, the Toomrur hordes were led by ogre-magi and Ogre Lords. Some humanoid groups were aided by "mercenary" advisers from the Council of Bile.

It is obvious what these advisers are doing, their masters back at Drakhôr hope to destabilize the empire and wishfully see us waste boots and resources in a drawn-out war. What they and others continue to forget, is that the Githirmil don't fight because they have to, but because they want to.

- Blac'drugulois, excerpt from his personal diaries, "Brightstar 1507"

The strategists of the High Command thought that the war would be over after a major enemy defeat. This was not to be, the Toomrur continued to fight, using tactics since the days of Talothand's wars with Arkhosia, to delay the enemy; burning fields, false retreats, and heavily garrisoning the most insignificant outposts. The war became protracted. The drain on the economy of the Orchish Empire was beginning to cause unrest in the cities bearing the brunt of supplying the Fograth. In the last two years of the war, the Toomrur armies began to bring more formidable troops into their ranks. These crack soldiers were specially bred creatures. The most notable of these were skullcrusher ogres and war trolls. The Othmurkú, spy agency of the Orchish Empire, soon learned that Savagor, Entropy's beast division, were behind these new creations. They were also behind the sale of no less than 200 skullcrusher ogres and 50 war trolls of fighting age to Khatúlg's leader, the Ogre Lord Morbakh.

Emperor Blac'Druguluois realized that continued fighting would weaken the empire by causing internal strife and debilitating the armies which are were needed to defend against attacks by the Khazarkar Empire. The Orc-Toomrur Ceasefire, actually a peace treaty, was signed in the Year 1511 by Emperor Blac'Drugulois and Morbakh. As part of the treaty, the Ogre Union had to give up Dumugon to the wild. Neither side are allowed to occupy the place for as long as they exist. This agreement was signed in the presence of an Oathbinder genie.