Goatman of Pearl

LocationPearl Sea
Class18th swashbuckler
RaceHalf-Fey Tragaran
TitlePirate Captain
Born27 Kindle 1773

The Goatman of Pearl is a menace to the sea-lanes of the Pearl Sea. He is an intelligent and cunning captain with allies in the Buccaneer Archipelago, such as the Red Berets, and some aquatic contacts of the deep seas. Goatman was a slave of Ba'lith for twenty years. In the Year 1817, he won his freedom in the Running of the Bulls. He vowed revenge on Ba'lith for this servitude.

He was responsible for the capture and ransom of the governor of Aggis, thus making him an enemy of the Council of Nine. He also sunk the military transport Heavy Burden, a vessel of the Ivory Asylum. On board this ship was the entire herd of the elderaunt Admiral Mod-Clon. The Admiral has vowed to see this cut-throat stand trial and swing from his ship's yardarm.

The Goatman of Pearl has the head of a goat and the body of a Tragaran. He is a filthy smelling cretin, speaking nothing but foul words to friend or foe, yet his crew would follow him into the bowels of Hell.