Military - Neeth-Theen

chaos behemoth strapped with cannons

The Hordes of Chaos came about in the Cinazan Front (c.f. a sub-war of the Chaos War).

1st Horde of Chaos

The 1st Horde of Chaos came it being, when the entire populace of Neeth-Theen mobilized for war. Only a tiny force was left to guard their home. The rest, nearly 150,000 chaos aberrations, steam-rolled south from Flux. They were joined along the way by other chaotic armies from other nations and lands, becoming the Flux Pact.

The most devastating trait of the 1st Horde of Chaos is what some of their elements do to the land and structures left in their wake. The army had creatures called chaos behemoths, juggernaut war machines of flesh, bone, and blood. They were responsible for devastating a number of places across Cinazan. The aura of these chaos behemoth infused area with raw chaos, warping the land, buildings, and even roads, turning areas into Chaos Ruins.

2nd Horde of Chaos

An army of 20,000 comprised of a fire giant cohort from the petty volcanic kingdoms of Steirgar, two Icyke legions, the sixty stone giants of the elite unit Geb Vanguard, and four Neeth-Theen legions. This force fought at the First and Second Battles of Inôr.

This Horde of Chaos was led by the mercenary stone giant general Anutrax.

3rd Horde of Chaos

The 3rd Horde of Chaos, entirely from Chaos, began arriving on Bal-Kriav on 7 Witchrite 1832. They left Chaos, passed through the rift created by the Entropy Arch at the Khazarkar city Sapthiladân, joining the Cinazan Front.

This Horde of Chaos was headed by the primordial lord Drachmon.