Primordial Lord

AliasChaos Lord
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Primordial Lord was a designation, or title, for a Primordial leader of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). This position was held by wit, might, or both. A primordial lord gained additional powers and strength from this position; something that still not understood. Some theologians claim the power that infused one to be a Primordial Lord was just a cruder aspect or even the beginning of what become known as Divine Power; that is gaining more power as you gain more mortal followers rather than drawing on the heart of Chaos for your power. The latter has its limits, restricted by the amount of free entropic energy in the Chaos system. It is theorized that each Primordial Lord draws quite a bit of energy from the Chaos system, thereby limiting the maximum number of them. On the other hand, divine power comes from worshipers, which with population growth tends to go up over time, making the theoretical limit of Higher Powers infinite.

Most were focused on finding tainted things; for the primordials of that time, this included anything with less chaos in it than was normal. In lab-coat terms, this "normal" was something with a composition of more than 51% entropic energy. If less, it needed to be returned to Chaos for disassembly.

- from the Godspawn Saga


In the Creation War, there were a number of primordial factions. Most of them were Chaos Purists. They believed that all the work of Creation were to be undone, all of it returned to Chaos. This thinking became the Primordial Mandate. Others were less strict in their views, with groups like the Chaos Reformists believing that they only needed to defeat the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Some of the more well-known Primordial Lords