Ragongrak - Thingrorn
OwnerCrimson Eye
Founded2 Saunas 1802

Ragongrak is the company headquarters of Crimson Eye. A fortress-city it is built into the southern slopes of Inghild. To the south and west of the city are the Branchard Hills. There are a string of formidable watchtowers in this area. The towering walls of this citadel were built with the aid of Tharum's stone giants. The size, strength, and grandeur of Ragongrak rivals that of cities and strongholds of major empires. The expense and effort put into this construction reflects the wealth of the company behind the imposing walls of Ragongrak.

A crack garrison of Githirmil, giants, golems and other constructs like the Guardians of Tamlêrran, and host of other formidable creatures protect the citadel.

The Toomrur Hegemony assaulted this place no less than six times during the Crimson Offensive. As a result, thousands of bones and skeletons are scattered before its walls and towers. This wreckage of war is left as an example to any foolish army that makes an assault on the headquarters of Crimson Eye.

Nox looked on grimly at the scene of devastation surrounding Ragongrak. For many hours now, the Toomrur have been pushing back the Ragongrak's defenders. He was growing irritated by the constant badgering of Grimrock, Niras, and Junkel with their requests to send in the Fanaticals.

Nox wanted to wait till the invading horde had committed their reserves, then he would commit his crack unit. Finally, he bellowed, "Unleash the Fanaticals!".

The Fanaticals rushed forth from their waiting chambers and unleashed horror upon the attackers. In short order, they became mired in blood and sinew, wrecked bodies stacked like cord wood around them.

The garrison renewed their efforts at this glorious sight. The battle was won. Nox simply replied to the awe-struck Crimson Eye leaders - "timing is everything".

They smartly saluted Dragern Nox. And then rushed onto the grounds, plundering the corpses. "Typical" he thought, I am pleased simply with the honor of battle and this glorious victory for the Church of Gruumsh.

- Nox, from his war journals - "Siege of Ragongrak"

Branchard and other territory of Crimson Eye are rich with mines, fertile fields, and protected by strong network of keeps, castles and fortifications.

The riches gathered from the Branchard mines paled in comparison to the value of the oil beneath Ragongrak. This black gold is located in Spirit Crypt and is the major trade product of Crimson Eye, Inc. This oil allowed Crimson Eye, Inc. to hire vast hordes of mercenaries and bribe less than friendly groups, all of which was later applied to driving the Toomrur Hegemony back into their own territory.

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