Amigar Case


The Amigar Case was an assassination performed by agents of Kamrazîr. In 1751, agents tracked a Nature Protectorate of Cinazan across three regions before catching him, killing him, and then disintegrating his body. All this was done because Amigar Urkama was of the Corralum caste and most grievously, a worshipper of a false god - basically any god other than Set.

If he had been born a Minâth, he could have used his family name or coin to get out of his predicament.

- Ararthand, Nature Protectorate of Cinazan, excerpt from a speech at the Glade Summit - "Amigar Ceremony"

The death of Amigar Urkama did not go unnoticed, for Eclipse soon heard the tree's whispering of the murder of a kindred soul. A Glade Summit was had and the attendees voted for a Region Censure. This resulted in a fifty year freeze on the appointment of a new Nature Protectorate for Cinazan. With this decision, came a bit of anarchy from the farms which greatly relied on the Protectorate and their staff for weather predictions and druidic magic. This also led to open season for the wilder druids - which are drawn to regions with no druidic oversight. During the Censure of Cinazan, cities of the region's Skegjold sector suffered from two unnatural hurricanes brought on by dark druidic magic. In the interior, tornadoes, droughts and bad weather became much more common and caused quite of bit of havoc for the denizens of the region's center sector Melvad. Fifty years later, in 1801, a kriavian elf named Ararthand became the Nature Protectorate of Cinazan. His appointment led to boons in crop production and population of both animals and peoples.