Ownerindependent city-state
Founded14 Hollow 1691

Halius is built on the southern slopes of Aphenarun. This heavily fortified bastion is surrounded by maze of waterways. The approaches to the city are rugged, with rounded boulders, deep ravines, and low areas flooded with churning waters. Many waterways surround this place. Most of these are geothermal and erupt with magnificent clouds of steam and thunderous booms. The unnatural landscape and geology of the area is a result of the Waterhaven Channel. The opening of this rift is hundreds of feet beneath the city.

Halius is ruled by the demigod Lokestant. Together, with the other members of the Greenland Alliance, she leads a war to end Rilirthad's goal to reshape the Karnegmoth region.

With a demigod as their leader, Halius has grown rapidly in power. Lokestant and her people were so bold as to build a major stronghold near the capital of the Rilirthad. As a result of their war efforts, Halius and her allies have begun to stop the expansion of the Brownlands.

Notable Areas