CategoryExotic Treasure

Sôvuk Gate is a piece of art depicting a stormy coast and a lone grisly tower of bone. This tower is a representation of one of the four Manes Chimneys. This artwork was done by an angel that had a penchant for recording bits of history in her artwork. The Sôvuk Gate was stolen from the halls of Phollûmâ by a master rogue of Mârukhatâz.

At the bottom of Sôvuk Gate is writing in Supernal. It gives some insight into the Sôvuk Sea Gate:

The aquatic demons came from a foul and noxious wetland. Leaving their Abyssal home behind, they passed through to Bal-Kriav. They swam a dark watery tunnel where the weaker demons were picked off by those stronger. It wasn't a test, just the demon's nature. Eventually, higher-ups decided to police and patrol it, corralling the mobs into an army.

This piece of artwork is stolen property and sure to be sought after by the Ishtu Irrai and those acting on behalf of Phollûmâ.