Third Ugradrath War

Period1531 - 1539
TheaterCinazan, Grashakh, Miradelgûn
Orchish Empire VS Khazarkar Empire
Darmaer Melvad Celedhrel Mirtheon

The Third Ugradrath War was a conflict of territorial aggression waged by the Orchish Empire against the Khazarkar Empire. It was a "test of strength" between two mighty empires of northern Brucrumus.

In the final days of the war, the belligerents marshaled massive armies against each other. The Khazarkar used herds of high driks, efreet mercenaries out of Amachan, and two super army groups in an attempt to bring the Orchish Empire to the peace table.

Against this assault, the Orchish Empire threw three legions of Githirmil, five blue dragons, two platoons of earth giants, twenty triceratops, and a horde of more than 40,000 goblins. The goblins took up their normal post in orc military doctrine, cannon-fodder, or front-line troops with the purpose of draining the missile and magic of the initial contact between the opposing forces.

The final battle carried on for days, littering the field with the slain, only to see these raised into undead soldiers to continue the fight. Finally, both sides were spent, neither could break into the interior of the other's lands.

The Peace of Benâth was signed in 1539. The Third Ugradrath War ended in a stalemate, both sides would lick their wounds, and plan for the future, when they would continue their struggle for domination.

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