Thunder Halls

CategoryMarvels, Prisons
Built6 Hollow 8715 DE

Near the end of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), with victory near-assured, Coverant forces built Thunder Halls as a prison for dangerous primordials with mastery over the elements.

Thunder Halls is a large unanchored earth mote. It is a floating island of rock that follows an erratic path across Brucrumus's middle regions, from the High Wood Country in the west, all the way to Miradelg√Ľn in the east. The mobility of Thunder Halls comes from a perpetual storm in its lower quarter. This enchantment was put on the structure in the God Era. In the Demon Spawn War, Talos fought alongside the Quarat'un Covenant. He had no interest in seeing the prison fall into demon hands, so he put a perpetual storm under it, keeping it always on the move.

The largest features on the surface of Thunder Halls are its four colossal towers. Each are composed of the base elements, fire, water, earth, and air. At the center of these four towers is a prismatic glass keep. Those that have ventured to this place say the keep's prismatic glass has all the properties of the spell Prismatic Sphere. The pinnacle of rock forming the base of this keep and its adjoining towers are melded into one giant block. The work of making this was performed by a team of fire elementals and then battered into shape by the maul-like fists of colossal earth elementals. Lastly, the work was cooled by huge water elementals, smoothed and shaped by a team of air elemental sculptors.

In the Second Epoch, the arch-magi Nevicanad was given a key to this ancient Coverant prison. A consummate conjurer, he expanded his knowledge from conversations with the prison's four elemental princes. The ancient knowledge of these elementals, along with a bit of their essence, Nevicanad created two powerful magic items. The staff Darkwind was forged in the Whirlwind Tower, the halberd Embercackle in the Furnace Tower and in the Earthen Tower, Nevicanad found the great hammer Mudmaul. Nevicanad never completed another item which was to have properties focused on water. It is said that while making this item, the elemental princess Olhydra broke free capturing Nevicanad.

In 1823, adventurers raided Thunder Halls. In exchange for the treasures they guarded, they freed three Elemental Princes, which immediately took their leaving, returning to the their Elemental Ring Worlds.

When the Elemental Princes were imprisoned in Thunder Halls, they were bound in their opposites. In the Furnance Tower was Olhydra, in the Waterspout Tower was anchored Imrik, in the Whirlwind Tower they put Ogremoch in a forever raging tornado, and in the Earthen Tower lie buried Yan-C-Bin.

Prisoners of Thunder Halls
Imix1832Prince of Evil Fire Creatures
Ogremoch1832Prince of Evil Earth Creatures
Olhydra1796Princess of Evil Water Creatures
Yan-C-Bin1832Prince of Evil Aerial Creatures
Typhalumus8992 GEelder water elemental, Typhalumus volcano
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