Holy Quinary

MembersShields of Iraktharbhun
Army of Voruner
Army of Bokgruma
Army of Milithian
Sorimo, army of Galadriël
Period1539 - 1551

The Holy Quinary was an alliance of goodly peoples across the Lands of Purity. It was was formed to crush the occupying forces of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, and restore law and order to Lands of Purity. The Holy Quinary had five core members. The largest was the Shields of Iraktharbhun; it two forces, one an expeditionary force of the Galadriel Kingdom, the other formed under the remnants of the Farinteen Empire. The army of the Forstneblin city-state Voruner was also a member, they had lost their city in 1485 to Katrana's undead legions. They joined this pact in the hopes of getting it back. Bokgruma sent her crack legions north to join the growing alliance. Largely untouched by the war, they came to help the beleaguered peoples. Milithian, a strategic port for the resistance against the Black Tide sent what forces she could. After the freeing of Galadriel's people, the Sorimo was sent to join the alliance.

The Holy Quinary was also supported by small platoons out of As'lumix. These were Gimrune, a people far from their mother country, but like those of Engineen, more interested in inventing, crafting, engineering, and building. Like the Black Tide, it had its mercenary units, like the Bear Army of Zagul-Tîn and the Shade Army of Grimyat.

Overall leadership of the alliance was done by the Order of Solars. In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), they drove the Black Tide out of the Lands of Purity. After the war, half of the alliance's members opted to join a federalist state, the Country of Malacost.

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