Togomud Sink

Ogremoch MesaBal-Kriav
Opened22 Artifice 1687

In 1687, Gebs Chosen opened a rift that came to be known as the Togomud Sink. The rift's opening started a series of calamities that became known as the Karnegmoth Cataclysm.

The Togomud Sink is a inter-system rift between the worlds Granitoid and Bal-Kriav. On the Bal-Kriav side, in the Karnegmoth region, the rift is in the Ogremoch Mesa. The opening is four miles across, dropping into a seemingly bottomless hole. When the rift was opened, the primal essence of Granitoid, an Elemental Ring World, began spilling into Bal-Kriav. This permeated the walls around the rift with countless gemstones and great ore veins. These ore veins and gemstones were claimed by Rilirthad. The riches brought in has also brought troubles with those of the Underdark that seek them. The mining in this area near the rift is dangerous. Sometimes, miners are killed by toxic gas, avalanches, or storms of earth, rock, and mud blasting forth from the other side.

Togomud Sink is one of the anomalies that create Brownlands. The Brownlands are areas of Karnegmoth that have been changed by contact with the primal earth, mud and rock from Granitoid.

Rivers of elemental mud flow through vast channels cut into the Ogremoch Mesa, and then down beautifully carved terraces, where they merge and form the "headwaters" of the Mud Flow. Past the slow moving mud flows, one mile into Togomud Sink, one reaches the boundary between Bal-Kriav and Granitoid. This area is filled with churning earth, mud, and rock, with volatile gases, and eruptions of earthy material. After passing through in the direction of Granitoid, travelers will enter a soup of the same material, a hundred or more miles in every direction. This area is called Togumund. It is a sea of churning rock and mud. If your not an earth elemental, chances of surviving the passage to Granitoid's surface, five miles above you, are near-impossible.

Since the rift's opening, Togomud Sink has become an entry point to Bal-Kriav for the Earthen of Granitoid. Not all readily come through though, because word has got out that they are likely to be enslaved or pressed into serving Rilirthad military.

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