In the Creation War, many great battles were fought across this region. The Nawirrûs Covenant, those fighting for the very existence of the world and everything outside of Chaos, fortified the Ušuškad. This mountain range, the highest on Bal-Kriav, its long deep vales were a major bulwark against primordials armies spilling out of places like Piranoth Cyst and Tâchan. The Covenant spent thousands of years in this region, leaving behind ancient, impossibly large bastions and citadels, some ruins, others little changed in twelve millennia.

Târay became better known as Weretopia in the Second Epoch. Academicians still prefer to use its original name, considering Weretopia a nickname for something that may not last. In 1463, a weredragon named Gass-du-lac brought the first lycanthropes to this region. This transportation, most by willing travelers continued for many decades. Most of these shape shifting migrants were fleeing persecution for what they are, while others wanted to freely be able to take beast form without being looked upon as a freak of nature or something threatening. The advertisements for this spoke of "a free land, a utopia for lycanthropes, free of bias, where you get let your animal side run free." It was effective, with local governments helping in posting notices of what many were starting to call Weretopia.

Many lycanthropes, form distant lands eventually come to Weretopia. For here, in a land among brothers, they can roam freely and not be hunted like wild animals.

- Snarl-Gud, a werebadger correspondent of the Free Tooth Dispatch - "Lunar 1502"

Today, the lowlands of this region are home to were-creatures. Some are xenophobic, battling any non-lycanthropes seeking to settle in their lands. Others are friendly, trading with outsiders and even traveling to distant lands as trade representatives. Closer empires like Ivory Asylum have a different view of this region. They are constantly threatened by the lycanthrope city-state Rattenkreig, making them distrustful of the whole lot.

The Underdark region beneath Weretopia is called Sakal.

Region Maps
Cities of Weretopia
City 3FoundedElevation
Aphalur1833 DE7700'
Free Tooth14643000'