Gurë Uprising

RegionGreat Expanse

The halfling of the Seven Vales of the Hairfoots have a long history of employing mercenaries to fight their wars. The most widely used type of mercenaries are maugs and warforged. These soldiers could be freshly minted maugs and warforged from the Gear Monument or veterans of the Central Stablitiy that have fought in dozens of battles with the elves of the High Wood Country. Overall, the halfling have treated these mercenaries pretty well but sometimes one or another forgets that the maug and warforged are not golems, but creatures with a mind of their own.

In 1589, the Gurë Uprising started. It was the result of squalid living conditions, low pay, and sometimes harsh treatment for a number of Gurë legions. It came about from lack of funds to take care of the units. There were no conflicts to hire them out so the coffers began to dry up. Some owners were betting that they could hold out the longest and not disband their units like others were doing. They hoped that with so few legions about, they could then charge high rates in the next conflict.

The Gurë Uprising lasted a year. During that time three Gurë legions ravaged Vorangrith and the surrounding lands and their homesteads. The rebellious legions were only brought under control when the Central Stablility sent in an army to discipline them or put down the more troublesome that would not get back in line.

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