Eclipse transcended
RegionHigh Wood Country
RaceHalf-Wood Elf Tragaran (Transcended Thorn)
TitleArcane Hierophant, Nature Protectorate
Alignmentchaotic neutral
DeityThe Balance
Born19 War March 1575

As a half-elf, Eclipse has often suffered ridicule and mockery by the more traditional elves of the High Wood Country. Her rise to power required her to prove herself as often in combat as in words of persuasion. She was born to a female wood elf of the Angrod and a Tragaran father to this day unknown.

She became a Nature Protectorate at the very young age of 25. She was assigned to the Tribe Steppes. She oversaw this region from 1600 to 1685. When Aredhel ascended to godhood, Eclipse petitioned to take the now vacant position as Nature Protectorate of the High Wood Country. She rose to Arcane Hierophant, and Nature Protectorate, by battling and defeating other petitioners in merciless combat.

Most of them did not want me to become the leading druid of the region, mainly because I am a half-elf and they thought because of that, I would less likely gain the respect of the elven peoples of High Wood. In time, I will prove them wrong.

- Eclipse, "Half But Still Elf"

Eclipse has been the leading druid of the High Wood Country, a Nature Protectorate for the last two centuries. Like the other Nature Protectorates, Eclipse is the epitome of druids, blessed by The Balance, and a veteran of many battles and brushes with death. Like other Nature Protectorates that have served two or more centuries, Eclipse is transcended.