Waterhaven Channel

Opened3 Temporal 1801

In 1801, a rift was opened in the heart of the Karnegmoth region. This rift, called the Waterhaven Channel, was created by Lokestant as a counter to the destruction being wrought by the Karnegmoth Cataclysm.

The Waterhaven Channel is a bridge between one of Chaos's watery expanses to the world Bal-Kriav. It continuously spews alien water into a volcano-like cone. Pressure and magic, forces the water up chutes and over the caldera's edges, out the sides and down Aphenarun's slopes. This water, of alien origins, a different color than the water around it. Alchemists call it Aphenarun Water, a "luxury water" for some to impress guests, but in the lab a valuable ingredient for making potions of water-breathing, swimming, and mixtures for harming Earthen.

The Waterhaven Channel is used by the god Lokestant to counter Geb's minions, the Rilerthad. In 1803, the waters of the Waterhaven were used to block land access to Porphyry. Several months later, the city was besieged and then destroyed by the armies of the Greenland Alliance.