Rath Jot River Maws

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesRiver Maws
OwnerAg Envok
Built9 Bloom 1510
MapsHiznaar Goz

The River Maws, or Rath Jot in Draconic, are two massive fountains in the northwestern reaches of the Aerie of Dragons They are forged of lava stone and seemingly unaffected by magic, physical attacks or the elements. The fountains are massive dragon-shaped statues the size of a small castle. The two fountains are on the extreme ends of a eighty mile wide wetland. The upper Rath Jot is at the southern tip of Finael. The lower Rath Jot is at the eastern edge of the Nambasi marsh. An enormous amount of water rises up through the stone body and then plummets downward 100'. Such volumes of water emit from these statues, that they formed the surrounding marsh and the many streams and ultimately rivers that flow southward into the interior of the Aerie of Dragons.

The source of the water that enters the statues is from another realm. Some druids claim that the many water wierds, sirines, and very powerful water elementals across Finael and Nambasi are prove enough that Rath Jot is a one-way conduit from the water world Cresting Spires.

Inscribed on the snout of the dragon statues are these words from their creator:

Handiwork of Nears-nan-four