Rath JotRiver Maws

Water Weird
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasRiver Maws
OwnerAg Envok
BuiltDawn Era
MapHiznaar Goz

Rath Jot, Draconic for River Maws, are two great structures at the northern end of the Spitting Depression. They are anchors, keeping a rift open between this world and the distant world Cresting Spires. A water world, these rifts are like canals, drawing in water, then spilling over their towering basins, becoming the heads of two rivers. Massive in size, the River Maws are primordial devices that never saw action in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

In the Third Epoch, in the deep oceans of the Cresting Spires, these ancient devices were found. The discover was a mighty elementalist named Nevicanad. Traveling the deeps of an Elemental Ring World, he went to the coordinates specified by Olhydra; a prisoner of Thunder Halls. On 9 Bloom 1510, in accordance with a plan assigned to him by party unknown, he activated these ancient rift making devices. Under questioning by the region's Nature Protectorate Telnossuel, Nevicanad said the goal was to cool the land, bringing it into balance, and that if they needed any more information, to ask their bosses; referring to The Balance. Years after this incident, it was learned that the plan was to restrict the eastern advance of the volcanic fields of Kii Paagol and the southward advance of the Sands of Hell.

The two rivers that come off the River Maws are called Finael and Nambasi. They were named for two sirines that for a time caused a lot of trouble in the area, organizing mobs of water elementals, water weirds, and other watery creatures, charging tolls and harassing those that trespassed their new home.