Symbol of Entropy
Regionsee below
Headquartersnone - decentralized
Purposespread chaos and anarchy
Established11 Witchrite 783

Agents of Chaos, Entropy cultists seek to destabilize the lands around them. Many githzerai and practitioners of Wild Magic join this cult. Entropy also has anatomists and those interested in the creation of new species. They have worked closely with Ryldorvir on the creation of new life forms; usually done by chaos infusion.

The cult of Entropy is decentralized with no organization or alliance between its members. The strongest cells of Entropy are sited in the chaos wracked lands of Flux.

In 1296, magical experiments by the organization's Mutation Lab cell resulted in the creation of the Sink of Chaos.

In the First Ogre War, Entropy's beast division, the Savagor, supplied skullcrusher ogres to the Toomrur Hegemony.

During the Cinazan Front, Entropy made a lot of coin trafficking in as many as 200 skullcrusher mercenaries a year to the Eldritch Conclave.

In 1814, members of the same cell travelled to a place where Ushgergoon crossed over into Bal-Kriav from Limbo. In a vault somewhere beneath the forest floor of Nárfaltuin they carved three Entropy Fragments from the Pinnacle of Chaos. This act destroyed the artifact and killed dozens of cultists. The survivors took the fragments back to Mogdúlg where they were used to make an Entropy Arch. On 7 Witchrite 1832, this same Entropy Arch was dropped into Sapthiladân by the Pillar of Horns. This device was "turned-on" on by a cultists diving through the arch's opening; activating an inter-system rift between Chaos and the world Bal-Kriav.

Cells of Entropy
SavagorHells WombVrak-TrorHoligome
Disorder NexusCinazanSapthiladânMieleth
Mutation LabIce CapMogdúlgIrmerthun
Masters ChosenDrarthielUrla'palosKraadred