Symbol of Entropy
Regionsee below
Headquartersnone - decentralized
DeitiesKrak-Oth, others
Purposespread chaos and anarchy
Established11 Witchrite 783

Entropy is an organization with ideals dating to the time of the Primordials. They make it a habit of destabilizing the peoples and lands around them. The fanatically determined adhere to the Primordial Mandate with its ultimate goal of undoing all Creation.

Largely a decentralized organization, its members avoid alliances between cells. Those that have taken this path are usually stricken from the rosters, then hunted down with exorbitant bounties.

In 1296, the organization's Mutation cell opened a rift named the Sink of Chaos. The after effects of this was the chaos infusing of the land and peoples of Hleittil.

In the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511), Entropy's beast division, the Savagor, made a name for themselves, and got very rich, supplying Skullcrushers to the Toomrur Hegemony.

In 1814, members of the Disorder cell raided the the vaults beneath Nárfaltuin, carved three entropy fragments from the Pinnacle of Chaos.

With the start of the Chaos War (1814 - present), the cells of Entropy cells went militant. Secretly and openly, they pledged their support for those on the side of Chaos. Their biggest contribution to the war happened in 1832, when an Entropy Arch was dropped into the streets of Garaldrarg.

Cells of Entropy
SavagorHells WombVrak-TrorHoligome
MayhemAerie of DragonsMadragh
MutationIce CapMogdúlgIrmerthun