Typevoid capable ships
PricesShip Market

A voidship is a modified skyship capable of entering the Void. They are built to travel and handle the inhospitable nature of the space beyond a world's atmosphere. They get their internal atmosphere from air motes, void essences or the stuff of high technology.

Like skyships, voidships are generally not built to float on water.

Motes of Air and critters called Void Essences are more than capable of handling the small leaks. If the integrity of the ship goes, they will not be up to task, parts of the ship will lose their atmosphere. If this happens in the Void, your are as good as dead, so become familiar with the location of each of our void lifeboats.

- Sarn'tat, from a personal journal - "Lessons to the Recruits"

Void lifeboats are magical devices known in arcane circles as cubes of force.

Late in the Third Epoch, trade and building of void ships greatly increased between the Giff League, Deep Six and friendly nations on Bal-Kriav. The opening of previously restricted trade of void essences came about from the dangers posed by the Drachdekai Pact.