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Typevoid capable ships
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There are two types of flying ships of the realm - skyships and voidships. Both have been around in some form or another since the Creation War. They were rare even then, and remained that way for thousands of years. It wasn't till the Second Epoch, 1176, that the making of them became better understood. This happened when the Balforn Sky Academy publicly released this technology across Zonatarbian. For the people of this city, the development of skyships was just a continuation of building bridges, balloons, gondolas, and other transport systems to handle their accursed terrain, extremely rugged in all directions for thousands of miles.

Voidships are often called skyships, but there are differences. Voidships are built to travel and handle the inhospitable nature of the Void. They also have either a large void essence or a colony of them that for a time can maintain a livable atmosphere for those on the ship. Void essences are hard to find and even harder to keep alive when taken out of the Void, so they are the main reason why voidships are so expensive.

Movement in the void is much faster than in the atmosphere of a planet. This void movement comes from a ship's void essences; so without them it would take an unimaginably long time just to reach a world's moon.

Like skyships, voidships are generally not built to float in water.

A - F
Abhômaipeth Mothership
Atlas Glory
Crillion Comet
Crown of Arcana
Doom Widow
Eye of Gith
G - M
Giff Platform
Gruumsh Dreadnought
Helas Vessel
N - S
Pillar of Horns
Pyramid of Set
Revered Minds
Spire of Krak-Oth
Spire of Molakh-Bule
Spire of Neld-Rac
Spire of Rioch Tetrax
Stellar Shark
T - Z
Tyrant Orb
Void Hammer
Void Lurker

Late in the Third Epoch, trade and building of void ships greatly increased between the Giff League, Deep Six and friendly nations on Bal-Kriav. The opening of previously banned trade of void essences arose from the increasing threat posed by the Drachdekai Pact.

The early history and development of skyships and void ships is briefly described in the Giff Treatise.