Vrak-Tror Vul Gol

RegionHells Womb
AliasVul Gol
OwnerTormoran Federation
Founded26 Bliss 1311 HE

Vrak-Tror was built by the dragonborn of Arkhosia. The dragonborn called this place Vul Gol ("Dark Stone"). Engravings, now weathered and faded, of dragons and dragonborn breathing fire, lightning, and gas are still visible in many of the city's buildings.

In 1521 HE, Arkhosia abandoned Vrak-Tror and most of their holdings in Hells Womb. This happened because they needed all available forces to deal with Bael-Turath. Hobgoblins tribes from Hlothram were quick to take control of this mighty citadel. Thereafter, the hobgoblin tribes of Vrak-Tror went on to conquer goblins and other hobgoblins dwelling in areas around them.

Hobgoblins are renown for their leadership abilities and bravery. As such, Vrak-Tror earns much of its income by mercenary activities for organizations in Hells Womb, Aerie of Dragons and Grashakh. When at peace, the city has a rich trade in slaves with the Ag Envok.

For hundreds of years, Vrak-Tror was an independent city. This changed in the Hobgoblin War when the Tormoran Federation captured the city. Belonging to the federation provides Vrak-Tror with the "muscle" of many hobgoblin tribes. This added offensive power allows them to curb the frequent raiding by the Ag Envok.

Savagor, Entropy's beast cell, has a regional headquarters in this city.

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