Vrak-Tror Vul Gol

RegionHells Womb
AliasVul Gol
OwnerTormoran Federation
Founded26 Bliss 1311 HE

In 26 Bliss 1311 HE, pushing west from the Aerie of Dragons, the Vul Gol fortress was built by the Zeymah'kein. The Kriistvrii builders called it Vul Gol, or Dark Stone, for the area's dark gray stone.

Needing resources and soldiers in the east to counter Mir'piamauza aggression, in 1521 HE Zeymah'kein abandoned Vul Gol and most of their Hells Womb holdings. The hobgoblins of Hlothram were quick to take control of what had become a mighty citadel. Thereafter, the hobgoblin tribes of Vul Gol, what they renamed Vrak-Tror, went on to conquer goblins and other rivals around them.

By the First Epoch, Vrak-Tror's hobgoblins were renown for their skill in combat, leadership and bravery. They became a source of mercenaries. Then a city-state, Vrak-Tror relied heavily on these mercenary ventures, suppling crack soldiers to organizations in Hells Womb, the Aerie of Dragons and into Grashakh.

In the Hobgoblin War (1526 - 1528), Vrak-Tror fell the armies of the Tormoran Federation.

Savagor, Entropy's beast cell, has a regional headquarters in this city.

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