Established17 Bloom 488 HE

Taklumlode is an ancient Underdark empire that began in the Horgon Era. Many of the empire's Mîmêk and Derro are descendants of a people that lived three generations as slaves. In the Galir-Khizad Uprising (461 HE - 464 HE), a massive Vîlnên slave revolt pitted Mîmêk and Derro against their deep gnome masters. This war tore the empire into two parts, the rebels seizing the eastern holds and the deep gnomes the west. Two decades later, Galir-Khizad became the capital of the newly formed Taklumlode empire.

From the surface, Taklumlode's holdings are readily accessible by a number of old lava tubes. By the First Epoch, some of these had turned into well-maintained and guarded roads of commerce between Ba'lith and Taklumlode.

The people of Taklumlode have a long history of devil worship. The conflict that led to them becoming slaves to Vîlnên was largely because of their diabolic beliefs and machinations. Inquisitors of Geb, with the ear of the king, spurred the empire into conflict with the devil worshipers. They sought to stop the raids and then enslave rather than slaughter their foes, and then indoctrinate them into worship of non-evil gods.

No matter how long it takes, we will change these poor folk. They will forget about the dark lords and learn to be a better people.

- Danargûm, deep gnome High Inquisitor of Galir-Khizad - "Conversion Plan 1A"

When Raxcvillibus slew Coeus, he set the Ba'lith on the path of religious conversion. His plan was brilliantly executed, diabolically designed over decades, and backed by the highest church of Taklumlode. Theologians claim that the conversion of Ba'lith's minotaurs would not have been possible without the help of Taklumlode and its Church of the Ninth Pillar. This church, one of the strongest of the Asmodean churches in Taklumlode, helped Raxcvillibus convert the minotaur population to Asmodean worship.

The Taklumlode government bankrolled Raxcvillibus's campaigns against the Xiser. A conflict that came to be known as the Brothers Enmity War. After this war, the minotaurs were unified under one banner. Taklumlode gold helped rebuild Ba'lith's war-torn nation.

(laughing) you think that Hell Knight runs that empire? He has minotaurs doing this and that, they have titles and clout, but the real influence comes from down below. Taklumlode runs the show. This ancient, wicked empire has been behind dozens of coups and wars across Azrik and Maleddanar. For the last two thousands years, they have used their gold and diplomats to manipulate all those around them.

- Unulâg, deep gnome of Vîlnên, answering the question - "How does Rax run such an efficient empire?"

Across its cities and holdings, Taklumlode has many rival churches dedicated to devil worship. Asmodeus is the most worshiped. The Churches of Asmodeus are more often rivals than allies and follow the Hells' Tenet - "Might makes right".

Taklumlode seeks absolute control of Zirâg-Tharam. They have allied with both surface and Underdark forces to rid the area of competitors. The most troublesome rival was Xiser. In the Brothers Enmity War, King Taklumlode XII allied with Ba'lith. These two empires conquered the Xiser and then split the riches of Zirâg-Tharam.

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