Second Freedom

Period17 Brightstar

In the 1700s, Ânul's mongrelfolk were taken on as mercenaries. Their employer was Griddrir, a city-state wanting to cripple or wipe out Okrungknot. What followed was a brutal campaign to rid the area of gnolls and any other elements backing Okrungknot. Ânul's Mongrelfolk, long subjected to gnoll slaving, had grown since their first taste of freedom. They now outnumbered the gnolls ten-to-one.

On 17 Brightstar 1722, the hills of Ânul were officially declared free of gnolls. Four centuries of gnollish influence, centered on Okrungknot had come to an end. The gnolls went into the highlands of Damreth and further south. Okrungknot was left to the wild, the victors discouraging any from resettling there.

Second Freedom is celebrated by Mongrelfolk on 17 Brightstar.