Built7 Brightstar 1540

Amurlax is sited 5,300 feet beneath the surface city Vraga Moltus. The two places are linked by a series of elevators and tortuously steep tunnels.

This bastion was built over the town that once existed here. It was built to prevent the repeat of what happened to Vraga Moltus in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) when the drow sacked the town and then proceeded to attack Vraga Moltus from underneath. It was learned after the Siege of Vraga Moltus that the townspeople got to friendly with Uzurundabud and never suspected that troop build-ups in the area were a prelude to an attack on them. When the assault came, it was a total surprise with the defenders unable to seal off the elevators and passages leading upwards to Vraga Moltus. As a result, Vraga Moltus was besieged from underneath by the drow, and from above by Black Tide's undead armies. In 1504 both fell, along with the Farinteen Empire.

During the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the Holy Quinary built a fortress over the wreckage of the town (of the same name) that once prospered here. When the Malacost empire was founded, Vraga Moltus voted not to join her, instead pledging allegiance to Ivory Asylum. On the other hand, Amurlax voted to join with Malacost. Ivory Asylum has a good relationship with Malacost, helping pay the expenses of maintaining Amurlax as a formidable bastion; serving to protect their soft underside.

Beyond Amurlax's imposing walls and numerous layers of defenses is the entrance to the Great Tradeway. Trade between Vraga Moltus and the Underdark civilizations of Igreshand often passes through Amurlax and is tariffed accordingly.

Notable Areas