Running of the Bulls

Period15th Bliss - 30th Bliss

Slaves call this day "Forlorn Hope", while the spectators and hunters call it the Running of the Bulls. In this event, the contestants are designated hunters and slaves. The slaves are the hunted with them comprised of prisoners, the dishonored, or someone looking to make some money. The hunted must only survive to win whatever their seeking - freedom, honor, gold coins. The event takes place in a rocky area called Runners Leap. Over the ages, this area has been honed out to include underground mazes and other challenges.

In the early days, the minotaurs held this contest as an internal event for the delight of the minotaurs of the Ba'lith. In time, the lure of foreign currency and potential for piracy of inbound ships with rich speculators turned this into an event for all civilizations.

The cowardly subjects of the Great King and slaves are placed in a giant maze with a herd of minotaurs running after them. The minotaurs must have their arms bound as they are only allowed to use their horns as weapons. If the runners get through the maze they are free otherwise they get stampeded or gored with brutal efficiency much to the crowds delight.

- Mogert of Squad X7E - "The Old Way"