Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm

Râpha-Nâr (impact site)
LocationDûlan-Nûl, Midrêth
Period12 Saunas 331 HE - 4 Dreamer 331 HE

In 1564, a respectable priest of Arcana, claimed that he was told about an ancient event that ravaged Bal-Kriav. Long ago, he said, the world was struck by fragments from a dying moon, and that this happened in the Year 331 HE.

Lith-Crillion records found at Arcana tell of an apocalyptic event that occurred in the distant past. In 1834, Zhuts Explorers recovered the following information from a monolith at Urkalzîr:

A fiery red ball appeared in the sky, streaked across like the wrath of Ares's spear, breaking into many small and large fragments, smashing into the lands, the oceans, setting the forests and fields aflame. The land groaned from the impacts, leveling entire cities and seeing tidal waves taller than a hand of titans. The skies went dark, drastic weather patterns swept the lands, and the living died in great numbers. It was the end of all.

Later in the same year, at a session of the Paradomea Debates, the most famed astronomers, historians, and theorists from across the realm converged in Paradomea City. They assembled all data on this event, including invaluable information from Zhuts Explorers, and agreed on a theory that is probably close to the truth. They stated that the decaying orbit of Dûlan-Nûl, a former moon of the Ilabizdum, produced a vast debris field. The moon collided with Ilabizdum, sending fragments throughout the Void. This theory was proved false a few months later, when an elderaunt historian brought forth evidence of the real reason for the Dûlan-Nûl break-up. He said that three centuries previous, a Mezrack on his deathbed, told an elderaunt doctor that his people destroyed the moon when they activated a god-made device called the World Splitter.

There are several areas of Bal-Kriav that were impacted by what became known as the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm. It is theorized that debris from Dûlan-Nûl made its way through the Belt of Geb and then to Bal-Kriav and the other inner worlds of the Quarat'un System. Upon entering the atmosphere of Bal-Kriav, the debris impacted areas on Arcana, leaving the jagged spire of Angaz Karag in Malurn, creating the Atlas Footfalls of northern Brucrumus, and the largest chunk breaking apart the far southern corner of the Straiden landmass. In this latter area, it left the Râpha-Nâr, broken islands and a seabed littered with the alien metal Dûlan.

Some members of the cloth say the Gods intervened to save their flock from a mass extinction event. They interject how their god no doubt played a part. Arcanists and arcane seers of Belras Foroderch counter this theory, saying the Cube of Arcane powering this world's Web of Magic, is to take credit for protecting from certain doom.

Evidence of the impact and upheavals to the land are evident in the curvature of the lower landmass of Straiden and upper landmass of Oralûth. The deep bowel shaped crater in the depths of Râpha-Nâr is also something believed to have been made from the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm.