Bog Sea Nôchulûn

RegionLands of Purity, Troll Bogs

This pseudo-inland body of water was once called Nôchulûn. It held this name for many thousands of years, named not by the Creationist Benevolence who created Sphere 411, but by those that came to occupy the area. Covenant forces, those defending the primordial incursion of the Creation War, classified this body of water as a bay. Between 1689 DE and 1721 DE, the bay became a hot-spot of the Creation War. Covenant war planners had fortifications erected along the bay, measures designed to contain primordial incursions via the Radullu Rift.

It was an open free-flowing bay stretching from Adellumm to the great waves of the Sea Titan's own bathtub.

- mariner tale - "Lost Bay"

Long after the Dawn Era's great war, the bay became better known as the Bog Sea. In the First Epoch, Tragarans of the Great Exodus, came to live in the Lands of Purity. By this time, two thousand years had passed since the bay had been largely sealed off from the ocean waters of the Mephigax. This a result of sediment, vegetation, and otherworldly waters flowing south from Radullu (c.f. Radullu Rift), then down the Troll Bogs. Buoyed by shambog this divided the sea, leaving the west a mix of fresh water merging with sea water, and to the east, on the other side of Belnêth, and inland freshwater sea.

The Bog Sea still has access to the Mephigax. The journey to and from can be a hazardous one. The surrounding region, the Trolls Bogs, is an untamed land, home to many dangers, dragons, Scrag, trolls, Graagvrii, and demon influences left over from the Demon Spawn War. The sea lanes are always under threat of pirates and some just looking for their next meal. Some of these are slavers, with any prizes pressed into service or sold in the Leashed Markets of Nemegral.

Commerce increased along the sea with Malacost's completion of the great canal Hîngar-Hloth. This created a link between the Bog Sea and another inland sea, the Galathien.

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