RegionTribe Steppes
TitleThe Maker
Alignmentchaotic neutral
BirthplaceSilo Ellipse
Born2 Bloom 1478

Tetretz is a rogue modron banished from Mechanus. He broke from the rigid hierarchy imposed on all modrons. This was not by choice. He had become infected with a chaotic parasite. This parasite was mechanical and fused itself with the inner gears of Tetretz. It has yet been determined who created this complex and insidious parasite. The parasite was meant to replicate itself and infect other modrons. The parasite infected several hundred modrons before it was finally rooted out by Primus. He came to the secret base of Tetretz and his many duplicates and found that they were creating a massive device to speed up the process of creating more clockworks. The device had began making maugs, automations, warforged, clockworks, and modrons. Primus destroyed all of the rogue clockworks at the base and tried to destroy what appeared to be a machine with thousands of spinning gears. What he could not destroy, was cast out of Mechanus. In 1482, this enormous piece came to Bal-Kriav. Inside of the device was Tetretz and several other machines. On Bal-Kriav, the device landed in the Great Expanse, and became known as the Gear Monument.

In 1531, Tetretz went to the lands of the Ink-Shad. His personal mission was to find raw energy to create new types of machines. He gave up on the Gear Monument because that device was now free-willed and refused any sort of advise or direction. The Shadow Rift, a Shadowfell area, provides Tetretz with a steady stream of shadow energy. Energy he needs for making automations like hammers and pulverizer constructs.

Tetretz lives in Gaudrith. He is an authority on modrons, clockworks, maugs, automations, and warforged. He claims that his is no longer has any alien material in his body. He is helped in his tasks by shadar-kai mages. He gets most of his funding from the Nînilzar.

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