Emancers Teleporter

RegionHigh Wood Country
Built21 Witchrite 1827

In the Year 1808, the Spirachiln were greeted by a Shounejo merchant fleet. To those knowledgeable of geography, word of this meeting was something to raise an eyebrow. After some espionage and divination, it was learned that this fleet had miraculously crossed a great distance in a very short time. They did this by using a marvel called the Sea Tunnel. Realizing the potential trade revenue of this new trade route, a council was formed to figure out a means of returning ships from whence they came.

Emancer, Principal of the College of Arcane, came up with the idea to create a teleportation device, one of a size and strength that had never been fashioned before. He and his staff worked on the device for two years, suffering many set-backs. On one occasion, a weave spider attacked a mage working on an arcane capacitor. This mage was lost to the Web of Magic when the arcane capacitor was destroyed. At a loss of 50,000 gold pieces and a highly respected and skilled mage, this could not be allowed to happen again. The group employed web weavers from the Beren Ancalímon to guard against the attacks of these denizens of the web. Emancer got a breakthrough after acquiring scrolls from an adventuring group that went into Aphelzâk. In this ancient Volgad ruin, they found teleportation circles that were no longer functioning, yet looked as if they had been inscribed only days before. With the techniques in the scrolls, Emancer and his staff were able to complete their teleportation device.

In the Year 1827, Emancers Teleporter was completed and set into the bay of Nápoldë. The use of the device had garnered much trade revenue for Spirachiln, and patronage for the College of Arcane.

This giant teleportation device transports vessels via teleport to any point known by the ship's captain. The fee for its use is 20% of the value of goods, or a flat fee based on tonnage.