Turnîrâth is a river valley coming off the southern slopes of the Elephant Backbone. It runs from these mountains southwest to the coasts. It is flanked by a hilly jungle. The valley is home to thousands of werebadgers . They have dwelled here since the 15th century. Many more came to Turnîrâth during a period of civil unrest called the Shifter Separation. Free Tooth's "city-types" caused a bit of a problem when they arrived among the wildling werebadgers of the valley. After a generation, many of the city-types had returned to their wilder nature.

The valley is cut by the river Ilarorn. Flanking this are rolling hills and pockets of dense jungle. Beneath the surface of this area are numerous tunnels and underground warrens. These areas are the abodes of werebadgers. Some of these tunnels lead into Sakal and then to Mauleg.