Ownerindependent city-state
DeityRioch Tetrax
Founded29 Saunas 369 HE

Early in the Horgon Era, Mezrack settlers from Azaraglad left the continent Gorejun and sailed east to the island Arcana. Here they they built a keep in the upper elevations of Mithivî and named it Mîmig-Khâla.

It has grown to be a city-sized citadel, built on a plateau bounded by four mountains. The many streams cascading from these peaks are routed through the city and then out channels cut under the plateau. These channels also have a number of defensive purposes, notable by the cylinder doors located at the four entry points to the city. Though it has never had more than 10,000 souls in it at one time, the citadel could easily house 40,000 creatures. Mîmig-Khâla, being of dwarven construction, is grandly built, with massive walls, some towering 150' and with a thickness that is often buttressed by a mountain or mound of granite. The surrounding mountains are honeycombed with chambers, caverns, and mining pits.

The settlement grew to be the axis of four trade routes. One trade road led to the villages and towns of peaceful orcs, and another to the holds of the goblins. The heart of Mîmig-Khâla is an open square, 3,000 yards across. This square, called Nûr-Kazur served as a market for all the trade coming and going from the city-state. It was once bustled with activity, with trade from all corners of Arcana flowing through it.

In 1826, Mîmig-Khâla was infiltrated by yakfolk. These creatures caused dissension, committed assassinations and sabotage, and took control of some through their ability to merge spirits. These acts destabilized the relations with their trading partners and ended up with yakfolk in many key positions of the military and government.

Five months later, a major riot erupted in the city. During this riot, the fortress was attacked by ogres, goblins, and stone giant mercenaries from Gulvar Reif. While they were besieging the place, a platoon of elite warriors entered Mîmig-Khâla from the one of many water canals that feed into the city's cisterns. Soon after, the Goliath Sledge Gate was opened and a horde of ogres, goblins, stone giants stormed the place. Several days later, the city fell into the hands of the yakfolk.

Mîmig-Khâla is ruled by the Yazak. It is an autocratic government headed by a powerful arch-mage yakfolk named Besorth. Mîmig-Khâla is populated by yakfolk, ogres, ogre giants, goblins and many slaves of such races as Mezrack , goblins, and orcs. The yakfolk have enforced the religion of Rioch Tetrax on the populace. For some this is worse than being ruled by the yakfolk.

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