LocationMorwuld Briin
Created9 Temporal 981 LE

Wynvild was once part of Angvild Isle. In the Lith-Crillion Era, it broke free, leaving a channel of broken island debris that became known as Warvilds Fingers. After breaking away, it drifted north before coming to a stop.

Like Anvild, this island is alien to Bal-Kriav. Once part of the Sea of Entropy, it is still home to air elementals and unusual eddies of air called air motes. These air motes make the island a windy place. Sometimes they are a boon to ships traveling near, other times a recipe for disaster with the winds unnaturally shifting direction.

In 1703, Wynvild was conquered by the Shounejo. The conflict to bring the island under Shou rule was called the Flying Arrow Campaign. In the Arrowowyn War, the Shou lost the island to Engineen.

Before becoming Shounejo territory, Wynvild was a haven for pirates and buccaneers. Some of the gangs here were also members of the Pirate Lords. Under pirate satraps, the inhabitants of the isle lived in a rough society often under chaotic rule. As a result of their lawlessness, Shounejo sent punitive patrols into the waters of Wynvild, sinking ships and raiding towns and villages as reprisals against pirating. Many captured pirates were shipped back to Shounejo for trial and never heard from again.

The island's two top resources are its air motes and sugarcane.

Notable Resources