Sand Spitter

Opened11 Witchrite 1796

Sand Spitter is a permanent one-way rift linking two distant worlds, one of the Mortal Systems, the other an Elemental Ring World. The entry portal is somewhere in the midst of an enormous desert of the Earthen home world Granitoid. It is never in the same place, always moving along with one of Granitoid's perpetual sandstorms. The rift's exit point is more predictable. It looks like a great sand pit, fifty miles across, one that could have only been made by an ant lion of primordial dimensions. Periodically, this opening spews forth great clouds of bright yellow sand. This alluvial sand, native to Granitoid, alien to Bal-Kriav, is a commodity on the latter. It is shipped off to be used in construction and decorating the gardens of the wealthy.

The sand blowing out of the Sand Spitter is continuous enough that a large desert has formed around it. The light sand of Ungarmuk is always being tossed about by winds blowing down the length of the Ugradrath mountains. In high winds, this area gets sandstorms that rival any produced in the Sands of Hell.

Not entirely proven, Nevicanad is blamed for this rift. News channels in the Orchish Empire, all state-run, say this grizzled old arch-mage created the rift in revenge for an attempt on his life. It goes on to say that Valangrim's military governor wanted the mage's flying prison Thunder Halls.