High Command

StateOrchish Empire
Monty the Mad1832 - present
Blac'drugulois1096 - 1832
Formed16 War March 1096

The Orchish Empire has a militocracy form of government which is known as the High Command. It is a government headed by the military leaders and the armed forces in general. The Emperor, is the supreme leader. The Emperor is a powerful figure that keeps the generals in-line. He sometimes acts as the organizer of the armies in times of great need. Due to the nature of the Githirmil and other populace, the emperor is required to play the power of different groups against each other to prevent any leader from obtaining too much military power or influence.

The administration of the Empire is performed in a ruthless and efficient manner; matching the typical characteristics of Githirmil. The government has numerous agencies. The Court of One Hundred Eyes is an agency that serves as think tank to the emperor. Overwatch, is an agency that heads up the clandestine activities of the empire. As a militocracy, decision-making is done by a general staff with a supreme general, the Arch-Dragern of the Armies reporting to the emperor. These generals serve in district commands. There are three military districts of the Orchish Empire, north, central, and eastern.

Notable Departments of the High Command

  • Strategic Resources Division

District Commands

Northern Military District
Arch-Dragern of the ArmiesCollossapolos
Dragern of the Northern Military DistrictHaugald
Supreme Marshall Dragern of the Northern Military DistrictMoglúr
Field Marshall of the Northern Military DistrictGhoronk
Central Military District
Dragern of the Central Military DistrictOthragmac
Supreme Marshall Dragern of the Central Military DistrictKotharlarg
Field Marshall of the Central Military DistrictGúluzgash
Eastern Military District
Dragern of the Eastern Military DistrictMatak
Supreme Marshall Dragern of the Eastern Military District Argruxiel
Field Marshall of the Eastern Military DistrictValangrim

The Orchish Empire has a rigid hierarchical structure; orders come from the top, and they are expected to be followed.

An order may not be practical or may seem insane to the grunts, but without order, the masses will quickly turn to chaos. Chaos leads to disaster and defeat.

- Unkonnis the Grim, "Training the Dragern Staff"

The hierarchy of rule for the Orchish Empire is based on the command level of groups and individuals. Within armies and units, rank determines who is in charge.

Chain of Command

Arch-Dragern of the Armies

The Arch-Dragern of the Armies is the highest military post in the Orchish Empire.

Supreme Marshall of the Interior

The Supreme Marshall of the Interior is in charge of supplies, planning, and establishment of settlements and bases.

Finance Minister of the Orchish Empire

The treasury of the Orchish Empire has a heavy influence on cities and the affairs of the military districts. The Finance Minister and his Treasury Bureau control tariffs, tax, and dispersion of funds.

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