Core Offensive

Period1749 - 1760
TheaterCinazan, Grashakh
Orchish Empire VS
Quellestir Alliance
Khazarkar Empire
Jara Horde

The Orchish Empire was landlocked until the Year 1760. The objective of the Core Offensive was to secure a corridor of land stretching from Ghatúb to the Core Sea.

During the fight to reach the shores of this vast inland sea, the Fograth had a lot of opposition from regional powers, both large and small. The jara posed a constant threat, with their mobility and vast numbers; only the erection of strong points and walls could keep them in check. The jara used Arinthil to hide their movements and to retreat to after their raids.

Another group the Orchish Empire had to deal with were the numerous Forstneblin tribes holed up in the Quellestir Forest. These gnomes proved a tough nut to crack with their skilled guerrilla tactics; skills they learned from centuries of warfare with the Jara. During the Orchish advance north, the Forstneblin were pushed deeper into the forest where they dug-in, using their vast underground warrens to mount surprise attacks.

Troops of the Fograth also had to deal with a magma-belching tower at the Farengrath fortress of Midrurgrune. The fire giants of Farengrath had an amusing time shelling the troop movements. As a result, Fograth soldiers moved against Midrurgrune. Besieged, resisting ten assaults, the place was only taken after a team of commandos infiltrated the fortress, take out its core leaders. On 17 War March 1750 the dragon ruled state of Farengrath fell.


The Fograth also had to deal with probing attacks by the Khazarkar Empire; an old enemy that not want the Orchish Empire on the Core Sea. The Khazarkar Empire claims the orcs lost close to 100,000 troops on their advance north. To the High Command, it was well worth the cost, they had land on the shores of the Core Sea.