Core Offensive

Period1749 - 1760
TheaterCinazan, Grashakh
Orchish Empire VS
Quellestir Alliance
Jara Horde

The Orchish Empire was landlocked until the Year 1760. The objective of the Core Offensive was to secure a corridor of land stretching from Hrornskar to the Core Sea.

During the push to reach this sea, the Fograth, Orchish Empire ground forces, battled those in their path. With their mobility and toughness, the Jara were a constant threat. Another group were the numerous Forstneblin tribes holed up in the Quellestir Forest. Using guerrilla tactics honed from centuries of warfare with the Jara, they were the most immediate concern. Slowly, and at great cost, they were pushed deeper into the forest where they dug-in, using their vast underground warrens to mount surprise attacks.

The Fograth also had to deal with a magma-belching tower housed in Midrurgrune. The fire giants of Farengrath had an amusing time shelling the troop movements. Besieged, resisting ten assaults, Midrurgrune was taken after a team of commandos infiltrated the fortress. In 1750, after taking out its leaders, the petty state of Farengrath fell.


While the advance over land was happening, the Orchish Empire was busy making a canal from lake Virgath to the fens of Mazob. Channels were made, and then along the river north to the Core Sea. By 1759, the Orchish Empire had a nascent navy on this sea. They took the coastal ruins of Rabaranda, rebuilding, and renaming it Moglúr after the general in charge of carrying out the Core Offensive.

With the signing of the Treaty of Quellestir, the Orchish Empire gave up the land corridor through the forest. In return, the area's Forstneblin, a fragmented people, agreed to end hostilies to traffic along the VMC all the way to the Core Sea.