Lherzolite-Tun IV

Class22nd fighter / 18th wizard
TitleKhan of Rilirthad
Alignmentneutral evil

Lherzolite-Tun IV is the fourth Dao Khan in a heretical line of emperors, that have ruled Rilirthad. He took over in 1809, after his older brother Lherzolite-Tun IV ( Drachmon in disguise ), mysteriously left the empire.

Like his predecessors, Lherzolite-Tun IV is a tyrannical and cruel leader. Fortunately for the people of the Rilirthad, the Council of Stone has been able to contain most of his murderous intent.

Lherzolite-Tun IV seeks nothing less than the complete subjugation of the Ivory Asylum, though in recent times, this has been difficult with the Ivory Asylum's alliances with the Giff League and the Deep Six.

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