Malacost Country of Malacost

RegionLands of Purity
GovernmentFederation - Democracy
Wood Elf10%
DeitiesAthena, Atlas, Danzar-Khâl, Phalgas, Sehanine
Established17 Brightstar 1551

Malacost was built upon a federation of racial groups that came together in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). These were peoples pressed by undead legions in the dozens and their leaders, the Dead Council. When Vraga Moltus fell in 1504, so did the Farinteen Empire. The fortunate made for redoubts and bastions scattered across the Slafknara Forest and into the surrounding highlands. This rugged and highly defensible area, became the heart of resistance, a bulwark against the Black Tide. Elven soldiers of the Voldanwen, Gimrune of As'lumix, Forstneblin of Voruner, and dwarves of Maharâg and Bokgruma fought alongside Farinteen's refugees. For three decades, pressed them from all sides, they held their own against the Black Tide, rebuilding for the next great conflict between good and evil.

At the start of the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the forces of the Holy Quinary, held an area stretching from Gudgrid to the Lerchadan River. The Tragaran element of the Holy Quinary were mostly former Farinteen citizens. They were centered on Iglutt, the heart of Athenian worship. They led the attack on the Black Tide, securing a major victory in the Severed Neck Battle. Twelve years of war followed, with the holy armies pushing the Black Tide out of the Lands of Purity. Malacost, a greater thinker of the time, put forth the idea that the Articles of the Four Peoples be used to form a federation for common defense, common laws, and general unity of the races that made up the Holy Quinary. Of these, the Forstneblin city-state Voruner, the dwarven citadel Bokgruma, and the Tragaran holds Phanax, Milithian, and Iglutt opted for federalism. The other parties of the Holy Quinary returned home, the people of Maharâg, long under the spell of Katrana, returned to their mountain of power, trading and helping those around when it was in their best interests. The Voldanwen returned to a revived Galadriel Kingdom, and the Gimrune to their cliff city overlooking the Galathien Sea.

On 17 Brightstar 1551, the Country of Malacost was established. It became a federation of states, a democracy with equal representation of the varied races across the nation's lands. Called either Malcost or the Country of Malcost, it was named in honor of the one who put forth the idea of its formation; Malacost died a month before the nation's articles of formation.

The democratic government of Malacost represents the common interests of all races in the nation. Only a government that is fair and equitable, one ruled by the people, for the people. By the Articles of the Four Peoples, these are the guiding principle of Malacost.

- Zarrek Luko, Milithian Senator, from his speech at Thequas - "Declaration of Government"

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